The Inconsistent Solar Moment

Sometimes, it can be very effective to be inconsistent. I know that it in my previous post that I said that it was important to be consistent and reliable, and I still stand by that notion.

But once that becomes your reputation, however, you may need to shake that notion. For example, have you ever noticed that  Google will occasionally change its home page design of its internationally recognized and trademarked “Google” icon above the search window.

Often these inconsistent designs are released on holidays. That’s a good strategy. But sometimes it’s for non-national holidays, as well.

What’s the practical use of putting manpower into changing their consistent and reliable trademarked design unexpectedly? I can think of many advantages.

What about you? How can your solar company be a little inconsistent sometimes, while still serving your customers and building your business?

Thank you. And Unthink solar.

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Tor Valenza aka "Solar Fred" is the Chief Marketing Officer of Solar at Impress Labs, a PR, marketing and communications firm dedicated to helping solar companies reach solar customers through innovative messaging, branding, PR, and social media communications. Follow him on Twitter @SolarFred.

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