The double anti-dumping of the US and EU slapped both Merkel and Obama

In November 2009, the new president then Mr. Obama took a trip to China and made a speech in Fudan University. During the speech and answer questions, the President has mentioned that China and United States should strengthen cooperation, especially in terms of the new energy. The global warming has been the hottest issue in 2009. Copenhagen Climate Conference and G20 Summit have also made deep discussion on the global weather problem. They all agreed that the cooperation development was essential.


However, two years later, in 2011, many American manufacturers raised anti-dumping application on Chinese photovoltaic inverter modules and it is approved in 2012 now. This activity not only disturbs the cooperation relationship to achieve mutual benefit both China and US, but also make the promise of President Obama that China and United States should cooperate in terms of the development of new energy gone. It is believed that, in the next four years of President Obama, Chinese people, especially the photovoltaic persons, will feel disappointed.


Meanwhile, in 2012, it is more ridiculous for EU to do anti-dumping research on Chinese PV solar inverter products. Also, the Germany Minister Angela Merkel promised when visiting China. She said that Germany will not record the anti-dumping research and will try their best to persuade EU not to do this. While the next day, the EU officially claimed that they would do anti-dumping research on Chinese PV products, which is total hit a slap on the Minister Merkel.


The United States and EU break down the cooperation with China. The unreasonable levying high tax on Chinese PV products not only ignores the benefits of Chinese companies, to the local manufacturers and suppliers, is also a terminal attack. Only when countries cooperate on new energy and the technology can do help to the global warming.

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