The development trend of grid solar inverter

As the key component of the solar power installation, in order to achieve the steady and reliable operation, the PV grid inverter should make sure of the quality of the delivered power and the stability of the whole grid. To ensure the simultaneous development, the grid operators will publish new grid operating regulations the manufacturers should follow to monitor the increasing using amount.


The other difficulty for inverter manufacturers is the relevant policies and regulations are not same. In most instances, even different project in a same place has to follow different regulations. These new developments bring up the new challenges for the grid inverter.


Another problem to be solved the PV grid inverter manufacturer faced is that they also have to comply with almost totally different grid technology for the PV equipment. For example, European countries have different requirements for the grid interfaces. Germany carries out the standard of VDE0126-1 regulated that the power unit should automatic cut off with the public grid, while Italy has required that every manufacturer should respect the DK5940 and the Power Plant Grid Standard made by Enel. All the standards of these countries and districts have different requirements for the change of the voltage and frequency disconnected from the grid. Besides of the essential adjustments of the solar inverter parameters of different systems, this situation also lead to higher production cost.

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