The decrease of German FIT shrunk the inverter market

As the German government decreases the FIT, the inverter market shrunk drastically. For PV inverter manufacturers, the sales inside Germany will correspondingly be reduced. And the Chinese emerging market is becoming more and more important.


Photovoltaic grid technology will be smarter, output more reliable power quality and more modular. With the decrease of the FIT, the stress of the supply and demand of inverter is increasing. The pv inverter challenge we are faced with is how to reduce the production cost and based on this to reduce the price of the inverter so as to get a substantial returns.


There are two applications. One is single string inverter/number of string inverters and mainly applies in the residential and commercial. These inverters are with good cost performance. The installation place can be more accessible according to the more reasonable electronic environment and easy to maintain. This can be the mainstream solutions in the future years. The other kind is central inverter. They mainly apply in the industrial roof and ground project. The features are optimizing for high-pressure, good pv inverter cost performance and with all-around solution to the medium voltage grid connection.


Otherwise, the production of inverters and application should conform the corresponding and standard. Qualified product certification is one of the most important standards and many other test standards should also be approved.

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