The Chinese PV company should grasp the core competitiveness

Recently, the US department of Commerce has made a piece of final ruling. According to the final ruling, the US department of Commerce has identified the anti-dumping tax rate for Chinese Crystalline silicon photovoltaic inverter cells and modules is from 18.32% to 249.96%, 14.78% to 15.97% for the Countervailing duty rate, while the Chinese PV industry will face the danger to withdraw of the American market.


It is understood that the involved Chinese company will face a 40% cost improvement. The worst is the following Europe action. For the anti-dumping research the Europe did on Chinese company, the Chinese Department of Commerce claimed that recently, the global PV industry cooperated closely as the Sino-Europe PV industry is a interdependent and mutually beneficial cooperative relations. They appeal that the Europe can consider the solar power  station and suggestion on Chinese behalf from the Sino-Chinese economic and trade cooperation in the overall situation, which can solve the trade friction by consultation and cooperation.


There is report said that due to the double anti-dumping, the leads has require to publish the relative policy of supporting the development of the PV industry, to expand the domestic demand, promote the cooperate mergers and industry innovation improvement. The series policies of the National Office were made under this background. However, for the dilemma, the Ministry of Industry, Energy Bureau and other departments are preparing a series of supportive policies to push the large-scale start of the domestic PV inverter market and the orderly development of PV industry. Faced with the current situation, the government and the competent authorities first cannot protect behind. The backbone enterprises want to keep, but must be adjusted.


The essential problem need to consider is that why Chinese would no doubt to be attack down as long as the anti-dumping is carried out. The vice president of Chinese Renewable Energy Society, Meng Jingan, said that the root cause is that the core technology and key equipment, even row material are all imported from overseas. This weakness has grasped by others. The others has deeply knew that the Chinese company couldn’t overcome the weakness, which leads to the sever harm of anti-dumping.


Only can the Chinese companies do themselves, devote to the technology innovation and grasp core competitiveness, which can master the ability to penetrate international market.

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