The answer of the Chinese PV industry is on the roof

In a long term, Chinese PV inverter industry has relied on the overseas market, while the domestic distributed market hasn’t yet kept up. This situation has lead to the weakness of Chinese companies facing the fluctuation of the overseas market. When faced with an unprecedented predicament, to open the domestic distributed market is the life-saving straw of PV industry.


Actually, China has the unique resource condition to develop distributed photovoltaic. According to a report, there are 45 billion ? of construction area, which including about 316 million ? available roof area. Calculated in accordance with 100 watts per square meter, it can be consumed satisfied of 30GW photovoltaic system. In accordance with the annual running 1000 hours per year could provide 31.6 billion kWh of electricity, which is equivalent to 30 million Chinese families dealing with electricity for the whole year.


However, facing the great potential market, to develop large-scale distributed power inverter has also met some other difficulties. Currently, China has not established completive FIT and grid operation for the development of distributed power. These policy gaps has made the Chinese develop distributed power on roof without a canon. The problem is becoming prominent when grid connecting. As following in use of the traditional power operation manage mode, under the circumstance of without technical grid problems, it is seriously lagging behind in the development of distributed photovoltaic need, which leads to the advantages of distributed power, such as small scale and high efficiency, cannot be made full use of.


But what is entrancing is that the National Grid has published The Preparation for Distributed Photovoltaic Power Grid inverter Service Work Opinion. The obvious highlight is free for a series of services. As the ‘announcing gun’ to open distributed photovoltaic treasure, it is believed that this policy can help to figure out the difficulty and challenges to develop distributed power, especially the bottleneck of grid link. Therefore, we can prize distributed, the Chinese PV of “short leg” and make China pv industry out of the current difficulties as soon as possible.

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