Texas Co-op Upping Solar Farm Procurement to 50-plus MW

Texas-based cooperative CoServ Electric has procured 26.5 MW from utility-scale solar developer 7X Energy’s Lapetus project in west Texas.

The deal brings CoServ’s stake to 51.5 MW of the 100-MW Lapetus project. Brazos Electric Power Cooperative is the generation and transmission provider on the procurement.

“This agreement reinforces CoServ’s commitment to providing cost-effective renewable energy options for our Members,” said CoServ CEO Donnie Clary in a statement.

The Lapetus project will be built in Andrews County. 7X developed and financed the solar facility which will deliver energy through the company’s SolarBlocks into the ERCOT North trading hub. SolarBlocks is a fixed block purchasing strategy developed by 7X which can be forecasted down to the 15-minute settlement interval, according to the company’s release.

 “CoServ’s commitment to double their purchase through Brazos of the Lapetus project’s electrical output will bring investment and jobs to the state and local community while meeting their mission to provide safe and reliable energy solutions to their members and customers,” said Clay Butler, CEO of 7X Energy.

Groundbreaking on the Lapetus project is expected in the summer of 2019. The farm, featuring more than 90,000 solar modules, could be operational by the end of the year.

CoServ, which provides for more than 220,000 customers in north Texas, and seven other Brazos Electric Power distribution members will be key buyers for the Lapetus solar power. Brazos recently purchased 42.5 MW on behalf of seven of its other distribution cooperative members.



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