Terra Mundus Breaks Ground on 5-MW PV System

Terra Mundus Sueddeutschland GmbH has broken ground on a 5.67-megawatt (MW) solar photovoltaic (PV) plant in the municipality of Aldersbach in Lower Bavaria. The plant is being built on a 15 hectare parcel by the general contractor Solea AG and will be grid connected by the end of 2009.

Terra Mundus mandated general contractor Solea to manage all planning and construction. Operating status and grid-connection will be consumated in December of 2009. Terra Mundus will apply Solea’s SM 175 mono crystalline solar module. The completed plant will use 15 Solarmax 330C central inverters manufactured by Swiss firm Sputnik Engineering.

The 5.67-MW plant will require 32,400 solar panels, which will be mounted on PV-Eiwa Systemtechnik’s fixed tilt-frame system. This particular mounting system uses steal ground-screw foundations rather than concrete foundations and exerts minimal land impact while offering the most time efficient installation process available.

To obtain all development rights and authorizations Terra Mundus relied on the assistance of local net operator E.ON Bayern, the legal services of Bird & Bird, the co-development and professional services of COPEX Investment Partners and the development services of the engineering company Hubert Lerch mbH.


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