Tata Group Invests in CIGS Start-Up Filsom

Tata Group’s Tata Industries division has invested in Flisom (Flexible and lightweight solar modules), marking its interest in the solar photovoltaic industry. Flisom specializes in flexible and lightweight thin-film CIGS photovoltaic solar modules and is in the process of setting up a 5-megawatt (MW) pilot plant in Duebendorf, Switzerland for commercializing its technology.

The estimated cost is approximately €25 million [US $36.9 million] and in a phased approach, the company intends to scale up to over 100 MW of annual capacity. Flisom will also raise additional funding in the near future in order to accelerate the production ramp-up and commercialization of its lightweight flexible solar cells.

“Flisom is an innovative start-up company, which is on its way to enter the international market. It is led by a team of highly motivated and talented individuals. Depending on the performance of the company and the growth of the sector we would be looking at furthering our association with them,” said Kishor Chaukar, managing director, Tata Industries. “We see value in this technology and the resultant product not only as manufacturers or sellers but also as users of it. It is a positive step to actively stimulate the market for renewable energy, especially solar.”


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