Taller silicon growth crucibles in PVA TePla gen-5 furnace

PVA TePla enhanced its MultiCrystallizer crystal-growing system for silicon growth, generation G5, for higher loads. The MultiCrystallizer VGF732Si HC grows crystalline silicon for solar cell wafers.

June 16, 2011 — PVA TePla AG, silicon crystallization system manufacturer, enhanced its MultiCrystallizer crystal-growing system, generation G5, for higher loads. The product is named MultiCrystallizer VGF732Si HC.

The MultiCrystallizer vacuum furnace for multicrystalline silicon ingots produces directional solidification based on the vertical gradient freeze process. It makes silicon wafers for use in solar photovoltaics.

The gen-5 HC version uses 480-520mm high crucibles (prior generations were 420mm high) to handle greater Si loads up to 560kg. Optimal brick heights (250mm) can be achieved in the 480mm crucible, optimizing wafer cutting, which reduces silicon loss.

The furnace’s temperature control system ensures columnar solidification in the heating zone, even on the exterior of the silicon ingot, which PVA TePla says produces optimal crystallization. Ingot yield hits 75%. Because heating and cooling zones are independently controlled, the MultiCrystallizer VGF732Si HC suits “mono-like” silicon processing, with a stable crystallization front throughout growth.

The company reports solar cell efficiences average 0.4% better than industry standard.

Learn more at www.pvatepla.com

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