Symposia on Renewables to be Offered to School Officials

An organization in Massachusetts wants to hold workshops to explain the benefits of renewable energy to school officials in the state.

WESTBOROUGH, Massachusetts – The Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust wants energy experts to conduct at least one symposium for local Massachusetts school officials on the elements of green school building design. The MRET is part of the Massachusetts Technology Park Corporation, and was created as an integral part of the Restructuring Act of 1997 to advance public interest in renewable energy. It is tasked with shifting greater reliance onto renewable energy resources to meet energy needs n the state, and to spur development of the renewable energy sector as an important source of future economic growth in Massachusetts. MTPC is developing a green building program to promote the use of commercially available renewable energy technologies in highly energy efficient green buildings over the long term, and will be a joint energy efficiency and renewable energy project. The green building program will center on supporting the provision of certain, necessary technical services to help design green buildings, and providing financial incentives to reduce cost barriers and to encourage the adoption of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technologies. One initial focus of the green building program will be on public schools, and MTPC wants to developed symposia centred on the elements of ‘green’ school building design for school officials who are responsible for new construction or retrofits to elementary and secondary schools. The request for proposals is to hold one-day workshops for state officials in early May, at which 200 local officials are expected to attend. The number of sessions will determined by the number of registrants. Bids are due by March 9 from consultants who have significant experience, knowledge and abilities in sustainable or green building design and construction, experience in the deployment of renewable energy resources to new construction and rehabilitation of existing buildings, and skill in design and delivery of educational programs.


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