Sustainable Technologies to Market Solar Panels in November

The world’s first Titania Dye Solar Cell factory plans to start selling solar wall panels and tiles commercially in November.

QUEANBEYAN, New South Wales, AU, 2001-09-15 [] Sustainable Technologies International of Australia has been manufacturing the solar products as test products, a “conservative approach” that chairman Gavin Tulloch says it “necessary given that the technology is so new.” The work began in 1985 with research into solar cells and coatings, which was followed in 1994 by a collaboration with EPFL of Switzerland where the new type of solar cell was originally developed. The last seven years of research has cost US$7.5 million, he estimates. The Australian company says an interesting application of the unusual solar cells will be a wall in the new Australian Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) Energy Centre which will be a net zero energy laboratory in Newcastle, NSW. The new technology has the advantage of performing well in low light and shade, explains Tulloch, and “perform consistently well over a wide range of temperatures and have the capacity to provide low cost solar energy supply to buildings, remote sites and businesses across the world with significant savings for the environment.” “At first, we will be releasing only the standard Titania Solar Facade Module, and a Titania DSC Designers Kit, consisting of five DSC solar tiles (unencapsulated) for equipment designers and educators to test and experiment with,” but he adds that STI there offer a wide range of Dye Solar Cell products. The price of an unframed 600 by 900 mm Titania Solar Facade Panel will be Aus$540, and the designers kit $125.


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