Sustainable Energy Reports on Its Progress

[] According to Sustainable Energy, final prototyping of European production units was completed last month, finalizing the European supply chain. The delays were partly due to startup issues, and assembly of the first batch of inverters has begun with a view to validating the assembly process. Thus delivery of the first commercial units is targeted for January 2006. Manufactured costs in Spain will be significantly below costs for the product in Canada, and the company says it anticipates further cost reductions. The SUNERGY inverter is very competitive in terms of cost, reliability and performance, especially its thermal rating at 50 degrees Celsius, which the company believes to be the highest in the industry. Thermal performance has become a competitive battleground as the industry moves more towards larger scale projects, where inverters cannot be placed in controlled temperature environments, but are exposed to very high ambient temperatures during the hottest part of the day. Many competitive inverters begin reducing power when temperatures rise above 30 degrees Celsius, resulting in reduced power output from the PV array, and negatively impacting investment returns.
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