Sustainable Energy & Innovative Air To Deliver Paralex Systems in Ontario

Sustainable Energy Technologies Ltd and Innovative Air Solutions Inc. have partnered to supply up to 5 megawatts (MW) of Paralex solar photovoltaic (PV) systems featuring Bosch Solar thin film PV modules to the Ontario market in 2010. The first delivery of 10 systems or a total 200 kilowatts (kW) of Paralex solar generators will begin in June and is expected to ramp quickly as the first sites deliver strong economic results to their owners.

“Sustainable Energy’s Paralex solar generator is ideal for our micro-fit and commercial customers” said Geoffrey Smith, CEO of Innovative Air. “Using the patented Sunergy inverter, Paralex minimizes the typical solar system application constraints, while delivering maximum energy yield with an all important, low voltage safety advantage. When combined with a globally trusted solar panel brand like Bosch Solar, the solution exceeds our customers expectations.”

Sustainable Energy’s Paralex product line combines the patented Sunergy low voltage inverter and Bosch Solar amorphous silicon, thin film PV modules. The company said that the inherent safety of the very low system operating voltages enabled by Paralex make it ideal for schools, public buildings, residential buildings and other applications where public safety is a driver. 

“The partnership with Innovative Air is an important milestone for Sustainable Energy, marking our first PARALEX sales into the Ontario market.  With this agreement we have now established a major distribution channel into the extensive, micro-fit, small solar marketplace under Ontario’s Green Energy Act” said Michael Carten, chairman and acting CEO of Sustainable Energy.  “Innovative Air’s management team has an excellent track record, impeccable reputation, and the critical construction resources in Ontario to maximize the opportunity in the green energy space.”

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