Sure the demand for solar power panels is huge

  How about the demand for solar power panels around the world,it is huge.But how huge it is,we can not say.But surely,it is very huge.

?Our colleague gave all of us a pleasant surprise when she come back the office from the factory. She has acompanied a custom from Netherlands to the factory.After visiting the workshop,this customer was satisfied with our products and agreed on the quotation.It’s really good news for us!

?But the better news is that this customer has planning purchasing solar power panels of total 20,000,000 volume.  And he mainly needs 100W or 200W monocrystalline solar energy panels.Wow,so wonderful!

?Some people said the market for solar power panels is declining this year,but actually, it is still huge! It is no doubt about it. As a solar panels manufacturer,we will provide the worldwide more and more solar products.

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