Sunways & Swiss Wafers Sign 115-MW Silicon Wafer Agreement

Sunways AG has entered into a contract with Swiss Wafers AG for the supply of of silicon wafers that will be used to manfacture 115 megawatts of solar cells.

The deal, which calls for Swiss Wafers to deliver the wafers to Sunways will take effect starting in January 2009 and will expire in 2016. Payments are to be made to Swiss Wafers by Sunways. The parties did not release any other contract details.

The contract will make a significant contribution towards the secure supply of raw materials for Sunways AG and markedly support the photovoltaics company’s further growth and increased profitability, the company said in a statement. Currently, Sunways production capacitiy is 46 MW of solar cells. That total is to be expanded to a total of 116 MW by the end of 2008.

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