Suntech Supplies BIPV Component of 750 kW Project in Sicily

Photovoltaic (PV) cells and modules manufacturer, Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd., announced that it has supplied 230 MSK Photovol Glass panels to Socovoltaic Systems, a Socotherm and TSNergy Inc. joint venture company that designs, manufactures and installs integrated PV (BIPV) systems. The 10 kilowatt (kW) BIPV solution will form an integral component of a 750 kW solar system for a 25,000 square meter green building project in the Sicilian city of Pozzallo, Italy.

Suntech’s MSK Photovol Glass panels are semitransparent, thin film BIPV panels that transmit up to 10% of light while generating electricity. This level of light transmission allows for visibility while protecting against excessive solar heat gain, glare, and the damaging effects of UV rays. 

The aesthetic glass panels used in the green building project are insulated for even greater energy efficiency, and will provide a highly visible showcase for the total 750 kW solar system that is slated to be installed at the site.

“Projects such as this green building in Sicily demonstrate the strong and long term global sales market for BIPV products and especially thin film PV modules,” said Dr. Zhengrong Shi, Suntech’s Chairman and CEO.

In May 2007, Suntech broke ground on a thin film R&D and manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China. The thin film modules produced will primarily be used in Suntech’s MSK BIPV applications.


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