SunRun Offering New Plans for Homeowners

SunRun announced the availability of two new flexible payment options that could help make residential solar power systems more accessible to homeowners. With the introduction of the SunRun Power Plan and SunRun Total Solar, the company said that it is giving its customers additional flexibility on how they can pay for their solar service.

Under the SunRun Power Plan, customers who may have ruled out home solar due to high upfront costs can now pay US $2,000 up front for solar service, with financing options available. Following the initial payment, the homeowner pays a fixed rate for his/her solar electricity.

The SunRun Total Solar plan allows customers to pay for their solar electricity entirely up front. Homeowners often choose this option over purchasing a system because they don’t want to deal with the hassles of ownership and maintenance. SunRun Total Solar also allows customers to get the value of the Federal Incentive Tax Credit (ITC) immediately, rather than waiting up to twelve months or more to receive it.  
“When my wife and I first looked into going solar, the original bid we received was far too much for what we were looking to spend at the time,” said Chris Jordan, Camarillo, California resident and SunRun customer. “When we were approached by a SunRun sales representative shortly thereafter, he showed us an affordable new service option that we couldn’t refuse. Before we got our SunRun Power Plan we paid an average of US $300 a month for electricity from SCE. Last month our SunRun bill was US $74.98 and our SCE electricity bill was US $1.10. The savings speak for themselves, and we never have to worry about our solar panels because SunRun takes care of everything.”

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