SunPower’s New Solar Panel Is 22% Efficient

SunPower Corporation’s newest solar panel, the SPR-315, offers higher power output and conversion efficiency than its current products, by using the company’s newly developed 22%-efficient Gen 2 solar cells. It carries a rated power output of 315 watts and is planned for commercial availability in the spring of 2007.

Compared with conventional solar panels, the new SPR-315 allows customers to generate up to 50 percent more power per square foot of roof area using half as many panels. The new design incorporates 96 of SunPower’s Gen 2 solar cells, offering better panel efficiency through a combination of enhanced cell architecture and improved packing density. “A typical 4 kilowatt (AC rating) solar system requires 30 conventional 160 watt panels and covers 410 square feet of roof space. Our new SPR 315 panels produce an equivalent amount of power using only 15 solar panels on 265 square feet,” said Peter Aschenbrenner, vice president of marketing and sales at SunPower. SunPower’s solar panels have no moving parts, creating pollution-free electricity with no noise and low maintenance and, due to the all back-contact solar cell design, they perform well in cloudy or hot weather.
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