SunPower Completes 18-MW Solar Plant in Spain

SunPower, announced the completion of the 18-megawatt Olivenza solar electric power plant in Badajoz, Spain. Construction on the project was completed in the spring, and the plant was connected to the power grid by the regional government in July.

SunPower installed its proprietary SunPower T20 Tracker solar tracking system at the site, covering a total of approximately 70 hectares. The SunPower Tracker increased sunlight capture by up to 30 percent over conventional fixed-tilt systems, the company said.

“SunPower has extensive experience building solar power installations and the technology to maximize energy production at the site. Their expertise was a key factor in the successful completion of this project. To date, production performance has exceeded expectations,” said Jose Tejada of 360 Corporate, a member of the consortium of equity investors who financed the project.

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