SunPower Begins Shipping New Line of Solar Modules

[] SunPower Corporation announced volume shipments of its new line of solar panels. This next generation line of products is composed of panels rated at 220, 215 and 95 watts respectively, and is designed to maximize energy production from a limited solar array footprint in residential, commercial and remote power applications. The new line of solar panels, SPR-220, SPR-215 and SPR-95, offers efficiencies of up to 17.7 percent, producing up to 50 percent more power in a given roof area compared to conventional solar panels, while reducing installation costs per unit of power, the company says. SunPower’s SPR-220, SPR-215 and SPR-95 solar panels will replace the company’s current offerings: SPR-210, SPR-200 and SPR-90. The new panels are now available in North America through SunPower’s dealer network, and in Europe through the company’s exclusive channel partner, SunTechnics.
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