SunPower Announces Mega Solar Installations

Macy’s is launching a program to install solar electric power systems at 28 California stores, including 15 in Southern California. SunPower Corporation, a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of high-efficiency, solar cells, solar panels and solar systems, is partnering with Macy’s to design and install the systems.

Through its 28-store partnership with SunPower, Macy’s has committed to installing a total of 8.9 megawatts (MW) of solar power systems on its California stores. In addition, SunPower is assisting Macy’s to improve the energy efficiency at the stores. Combining solar power with energy efficiency will allow Macy’s to achieve an estimated 40 percent reduction in utility-provided energy, almost doubling the impact of the solar power alone.

For 17 of the 28 stores, Macy’s will purchase solar-generated electricity under the SunPower Access program, a solar services agreement that allows the retailer to purchase just the electricity generated at its stores — not the solar power systems. Macy’s will buy solar power systems for the remaining 11 stores, including the Westminster store, through an outright system purchase.

In related news, SunPower Corporation and Agilent Technologies Inc. yesterday announced that SunPower’s System division will install a 1-MW solar tracking system at Agilent’s Santa Rosa, California campus. SunPower solar panels are being installed on top of a canopy structure in the campus parking lot, providing both shade in the lot and solar electric power for the facility.

SunPower’s tracking solar system design will generate up to 25 percent more energy for Agilent than a similarly sized flat, roof-top system, says the company. As a result, Agilent’s solar parking canopy will be the largest solar power generator in Sonoma County, according to the company.

Agilent will also purchase solar-generated electricity for a period of 20 years under the SunPower Access program.

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