SunPower and Ford to make Solar and EVs affordable?

Ford and SunPower have entered a partnership to make solar power and electric vehicles affordable for middle- to high-income households in the US. Combined, a Ford Focus EV and a 2.5kW Sunpower array will cost somewhere in the range of $40,000, after federal subsidies are taken into account. This synergistic pairing could assist new car buyers in leaping the price hurdles usually associated with both solar power and electric vehicles, which have until recently a bit too expensive for the average household. Although I for one certainly won’t be making this kind of a purchase anytime soon, I can imagine plenty of people around me who would if they happened to be in the market for a new automobile. 

–James is the webmaster and writer for the Solar Choice blog. Solar Choice provides free comparisons of solar quotes from installers Australia-wide.

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