SunPower & Agilent Technologies Inaugurate 1-MW Solar System

Agilent Technologies Inc. and SunPower Corporation announced that a 1-megawatt solar tracking system at Agilent’s campus will start producing electricity in the next week.

The system features a three-acre parking lot canopy structure with nearly 3,500 SunPower solar panels that track the sun throughout the day. The design of SunPower’s tracking solar system will generate up to 25 percent more energy for Agilent than a similarly sized flat, rooftop system, the company said. As a result, Agilent’s solar parking canopy is the largest solar energy generator in Sonoma County, California.

“Agilent’s commitment to be a responsible corporate citizen includes taking steps to protect the environment,” said Ron Nersesian, vice president of Agilent’s Wireless Business Unit and general manager of the company’s Santa Rosa facility. “We work continuously to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, suppliers, products and services, and this new solar power system is a great complement to our existing sustainability programs.”

Agilent owns the renewable energy credits and all environmental attributes associated with the system. GE Energy Financial Services owns the system, which SunPower designed, built and is operating. Agilent will purchase the generated electricity from GE Energy Financial Services under a SunPower Access power purchase agreement.

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