Sunfilm & AMAT Certify Tandem Junction PV Line

Sunfilm AG and Applied Materials Inc. announced that the world’s first tandem junction SunFab Thin Film Line installed at Sunfilm’s Grossroehrsdorf facility achieved factory acceptance on April 14, 2009.

Using 5.7m² substrates, the line passed final acceptance test certification, verifying that it has met specifications for producing solar photovoltaic (PV) modules with efficiencies of up to 8%, as well as yield and overall annual capacity specifications.

The line is now beginning volume production. Thin film tandem junction panels use about 0.02% of the amount of silicon per watt of electricity produced compared with traditional solar modules fabricated using crystalline silicon wafers.

“This is a major milestone in the ramp-up of our factory,” said Wolfgang Heinze, Sunfilm’s COO and chairman of the executive board. “The engineering teams from Sunfilm and Applied Materials have worked together intensively to get our performance to this impressive level. We are proud to have the first tandem junction production line in the world where this certification has been reached.”

According to Applied Materials, by combining tandem junction technology with ultra-large 5.7m² substrates and volume manufacturing capabilities, Sunfilm can meet a wide range of customer applications for full-, half- and quarter-size panels. A quarter-size 1.4m² module generates up to 115 watts, while a full-size 5.7m² panel will deliver about 450 watts.


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