SunCube Solar Technology Enters India

Newton, South Australia [] Square Engineering Pvt Ltd of India (SEI) has signed an agreement with Green and Gold Energy (GGE) to build a 30-megawatt (MW) facility in India for the manufacture of 100,000 SunCubes per year. The SunCube is a low-cost solar PV technology that can deliver kilowatt-hour (kWh) from the home or business rooftop at less cost than if the kilowatt-hours were bought from the grid. SEI will source almost all the necessary components from India with the concentrating solar cell assembly; the pre-programmed microprocessor will be sourced from GGE in Adelaide. GGE also recently signed a manufacturing agreement with ES System of Korea, which plans to build a 30 MW SunCube facility. An early prototype, The SunBall, won the ABC New Inventors Peoples Choice Award in 2005 for the most popular Australian invention.
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