Sun Well Ramps Up Thin-film Production

Oerlikon Solar and Sun Well Solar, a subsidiary of CMC Magnetics, announced that the ramp-up of a 40-megawatt (MW) amorphous thin-film silicon production line has been completed one month ahead of schedule.The installation includes the Oerlikon Solar LPCVD TCO front and back contact technology.

Sun Well obtained IEC certification for the line in October 2008. The completion of the Sun Well production ramp-up marks the first successful “end-to-end” installation of an Oerlikon thin-film silicon production line within the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry. Every 50 seconds a PV module leaves the Sun Well Solar manufacturing line, resulting in more than 1,250 panels or 110 kilowatts produced per day.

“Our decision to utilize Oerlikon Solar technology has been impressively confirmed by the timely completion of our first thin film production line”, said Bob Wong, Chairman of CMC Magnetics group. “Especially in this challenging market environment, the performance of our production has to be the most cost competitive in the industry.”

Sun Well announced last June that it had ordered two end-to-end thin film silicon production lines from Oerlikon Solar. Both lines use Oerlikon’s micromorph tandem cell technology, that, according to the company, can raise module efficiency by up to 50 percent. It is CMC’s goal to reach an annual production output of one gigawatt as the demand for thin film solar panels continues its unprecedented growth, the company said.

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