Subcontract for Solar Power Pumping System

October 2, 2003 [] New Jersey-based Princeton Power Systems, developer of AC-link technology for electrical power conversion and conditioning, received a subcontract from WorldWater Corporation, a solar energy and water management company, to develop a cost-effective implementation of renewable energy technology. Princeton Power will integrate its AC-link technology into WorldWater’s solar pumping system, which controls power flow from a solar photovoltaic array and dynamically interacts with the utility grid and/or uses it to run an AC motor to power water pumps, compressors, etc. Princeton Power Systems’ AC-link technology enables net metering, control over power usage and increased power reliability. The system will be designed and a prototype developed, installed and tested at Rutgers University’s Snyder Farm test-bed facility. Princeton Power has developed and demonstrated the AC-link technology for use in industrial markets, and is working with the Office of Naval Research to determine the feasibility of using AC-link to power large shipboard propulsion drives and other electrical systems.

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