Strong Response for Nevada Solar Incentive Program

Nevada’s statewide program to encourage the use of solar energy is getting an enthusiastic response. In fact, applications continue to pour in requesting almost a full MW of solar power. SolarGenerations — the solar energy demonstration program for Sierra Pacific Power and Nevada Power customers — has received enough applications to commit residential and small business funds for the second year.

Approximately 150 residential and small business electric customers have applied to install photovoltaic (PV) panels capable of producing 600 kW of electricity, according to John Hargrove, SolarGenerations program manager for both utilities. Among those eligible for the program are residential customers and small businesses, schools and government buildings. Customers who install the solar panels in Year Two of the program are eligible for a rebate of $4 per watt of installed capacity. They can also earn credits on their monthly electric bills if they generate more power than they use. “The SolarGenerations demonstration program allows us to achieve greater use of the state’s abundant sunshine while reducing Nevada’s reliance on fossil fuels,” Hargrove said. The applications received from customers will be reviewed by the Nevada Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Task Force, then forwarded to the Public Utilities Commission Nevada for review and approval. Approximately 50 solar projects, capable of producing a total of 200 kW of electricity, are currently under construction throughout Nevada under terms of the Year One program. Approximately $1 million in rebates will be paid to Year One participants. SolarGenerations was created by Assembly Bill 431 — the Solar Energy Systems Demonstration Program — passed by the Nevada State Legislature in 2003. The legislation authorized funding for rebates to Nevadans who install PV systems on their homes or businesses.
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