Straw Bale Building Workshop

Baleraisers invites the public to attend a Bale Raising Workshop for a classic Pueblo style home on April 27-28, 2002 near Redding, California. We will meet to raise bale walls and apply stucco coating.

REDDING, California – April 12, 2002 [] Demonstrations will include straw bale house design 101, solar energy, concrete floor coloring and patterning, log post and beam joining, and interior strawboard products. The Owner-Builder Constructed Straw Bale House will generate its own power, totally independent of your local corporate utility conglomerate. Shelter yourself, become your own contractor and save money on your construction budget. Invite volunteer apprentices with little experience to learn to build their own straw bale, post and beam structure by helping others. Learn to manage subcontractors. Share subcontractors and low-cost materials acquisition techniques. Unique insulated straw bale walls 24″ thick and planned porch shading make an energy efficient and money saving structure for staying cool during the summer. In ordinarily hot climates, some homes can even be constructed without air-conditioning systems. Cooler months are more comfortable with heated floors. Imagine a warm shower floor and interior walls during the winter months, all brought about by solar heating. The two-day workshop will include meals of a hearty fair and refreshments with lots of discussion over wine tasting in the evenings. Join us in beautiful Shasta County, surrounded by snow capped mountains and beautiful lakes. On-site camping and warm solar showers available.


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