Stellaris Concentrating PV Glazing

Stellaris Corporation, an early-stage sustainable energy company, has developed Concentrating Photovoltaic Glazing (CPG), a new type of solar module technology that consists of small (6mm high) lenses that concentrate light onto narrow strips of thin film photovoltaic (PV) material. This concentration reduces the amount of PV material required in manufacturing the module by 67 percent. The company suggests that it will cost much less to manufacture and will generate roughly the same amount of electricity as existing comparable-sized modules.

In addition, improved and unique aesthetic properties are possible because low-angle light passes through the CPG’s lenses. This allows an observer located at low angles in front of the module (such as a person on a sidewalk looking towards a roof) to perceive customized colors and textures, which can be radically different from those of the PV material. When located behind the module, the observer perceives ambient light passing through the module. These aesthetic qualities have the potential of enabling new opportunities and creating new markets in architectural design.
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