State Funded Programs Emerge

Despite a steady decline in the cost of installing a Renewable Energy system, financial incentives may often be required to make the make the purchase feasible. With many other states following its lead, California continued to pave the way in 2002 with its generous statewide and local incentive programs. For example, residents of Long Island, NY now have serious options for assistance and in Massachusetts, the Renewable Energy Trust is providing millions of dollars in grants to help drive down the cost of acquiring Renewable Energy in the northeast. The state trusts especially are an economic boon to the industry and the area they serve. Next year should prove equally exciting and challenging on this front. We will watch this trend in 2003.

Key related stories from 2002: New York PV Subsidy Rises To $6 A Watt – 1/31/2002 The Long Island Power Authority will increase its residential subsidy for solar PV systems to US$6 a watt, from $3. Los Angeles Pushes Solar PV Rebates To $6 A Watt – 2/1/2002 For the next two months, residential customers of the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power will receive notices to explain the Solar Incentive or Rebate Program, which offers the highest per watt financial incentive in California. Incentives Available for Wisconsin RE Projects – 8/8/2002 Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy Renewable Energy program is offering multiple financial incentives and grants to generate interest in Renewable Energy projects across the state. These initiatives lend financial support to individuals and groups who want to reduce Wisconsin’s reliance on imported fossil fuels while installing, developing and using renewable forms of energy. Grants Heat Up Solar Industry in Massachusetts – 10/14/2002 Renewable Energy Trust Director Rob Pratt joined leaders in the Massachusetts solar industry at ASE Americas, Inc in Billerica last week to announce US$2.6 million worth of grants to help drive down the cost of installing solar photovoltaic panels on homes and businesses in clustered regions throughout the state. LA Renewable Energy Incentives Extended – 12/9/2002 The Board of Water and Power Commissioners took several actions to provide energy and water savings for commercial and industrial customers in Los Angeles. These include a one-year extension of three energy efficiency incentive programs from Dec. 31, 2002 to Dec. 31, 2003, and an incentive increase for the replacement of non-water saving toilets with ultra-low-flush toilets.
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