Star Power Promotes Solar Power

Star power was on-hand to promote solar power in California last Friday. At an event co-sponsored by Global Green USA and environment California, Actor Edward Norton led the charge at a media event meant to promote the Million Solar Roofs Initiative (SB 1). The event also shed light on a companion bill that would use successful passage of SB 1 to help put more solar projects on low-income housing.

Norton joined State Senator Kevin Murray, Assembly Member Fran Pavley, L.A. Councilman Eric Garcetti, Ed Begley, Jr. and dozens of environmental and community leaders who gathered at a South Los Angeles Solar home to call upon the Legislature to pass SB1. The solar policy package would be the largest solar bill ever introduced in the U.S., including at the Federal level — and it could have benefits for all levels of home-owners. “Solar on low-income housing helps reduce energy bills for families who can benefit from those savings the most,” said actor Edward Norton, who was surrounded by three generations of the Rodriguez family whose monthly utility bills have been nearly eliminated thanks to their solar roof installation. In addition to support for SB 1, the event put specific attention on AB1383, a companion bill to SB1 authored by Assembly Member Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills). The measure will provide affordable housing developers with financial incentives to increase the number of solar panels installed on low-income housing in California. Norton, a trustee of the Enterprise Foundation, has worked for years on a campaign called Solar Neighbors, which helps put solar on low-income homes. Norton lent his celebrity support for SB 1 because it would greatly expand solar on home all across California, including those on low-income homes. SB1 recently passed the Senate with bi-partisan support and awaits approval by the Assembly while AB 1383 has passed the Assembly and awaits approval by the Senate. “These bills would provide developers with a financial incentive to install solar on affordable housing projects,” said Assembly Member Pavley. “More solar on affordable housing will reduce utility bills for low-income residents generating clean energy for California consumers.” The event was held in conjunction with Environment California, one of the state’s leading SB1 advocates. “In addition to saving homeowners money, a million solar roofs will prevent the need for more than a dozen polluting power plants, the majority of which will be located in poor neighborhoods and communities of color,” said Environment California Clean Energy Advocate Bernadette Del Chiaro. SB 1’s next hearing will be held June 27th in Assembly Utilities Committee (exact time to be announced). According to the chair, this will be a day to “hear from all sides”. A vote on SB 1 is scheduled for July 5th.
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