Spray-On Solar Window Unveiled

Last week, New Energy Technologies Inc. showed its technology that enables glass to generate electricity through spray-on solar PV to investors and members of the media.

The technology, which is called the SolarWindow, aims to provide solar energy to building facades by spraying an electricity-generating coating on to glass.  During the demonstration, the researchers compared the cost of the SolarWindow technology to traditional rooftop solar systems saying that the SolarWindow technology provides up to three times more savings in electricity costs.

According to a press release, engineers modeled a 40-story building, similar to Tampa’s landmark 100 North Tampa, as an example.  They estimated an annual cost-savings of $40,000 to $70,000 when installing New Energy’s SolarWindow to exposed window facades, which they contrasted with a polycrystalline silicon module installation on the rooftop that would produce $20,000 in energy savings per year. 

“I’m eager to aggressively advance this technology towards commercial prototyping in preparation for eventual full-scale production to capitalize on our market of more than five million commercial buildings and 80 million detached homes in America,” said president and CEO, John A. Conklin.

The company expects to publish comprehensive performance data in upcoming weeks, following independent, third-party measurement and engineering validation. 

The all-important numbers such as installed cost and efficiency were not discussed.


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