SPP Introduces SPP LLC1, a California Solar Energy Fund

Solar Power Partners (SPP), a developer, owner and operator of a distributed network of commercial solar energy facilities, has formally initiated its power purchase agreement (PPA) program for mid-size commercial buildings in California; the program helps fund the upfront capital costs associated with purchasing or leasing solar systems.

The PPA ensures energy rates remain lower than the local utility and insulates the user from volatile energy prices over the term of the agreement. The maintenance and operating costs are covered while building owners pay only for the electricity that is consumed. “The PPA model is the most effective energy financing method and now SPP is working in partnership with small and independent commercial businesses making solar most affordable,” said Craig M. Hunt, co-founder and CEO of SPP. SPP’s turnkey performance based service (PBS) is in line with the newly announced California Solar Initiative program (CSI), a performance based incentive (PBI), as overseen by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). SPP is the general partner and manages the new SPP LLC1 Fund for California Commercial Solar Energy.
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