Spire Offers 25 Megawatt Turnkey Solar Cell Production Line

Spire Corp. is offering a complete, turnkey solution for silicon wafer, solar cell and solar-photovoltaic module manufacturing equipment, with its new 25 megawatt (MW) solar cell production line, the SPI-Line 25C.

This new production line of solar integrated manufacturing systems offers forward and backward integration with existing spire products, and was developed in response to the growing market for solar energy. “Every Spire production line is developed using our expertise in solar manufacture and design,” said Roger G. Little, Chairman and CEO of Spire Corp. “Our integrated manufacturing system not only includes equipment with imbedded processes, but also comprehensive training, process technology, automation and support.” Silicon wafers are a key component used in the manufacture of solar cells, which in turn, are a key component of solar modules. By offering balanced production lines for each step in the total manufacturing process, Spire’s customers can integrate production capabilities on to the front-end or back-end of existing manufacturing lines.
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