Spire Announces Production Line for Thin Film PV Modules

Spire Corporation’s Chairman & CEO Roger Little introduced a new starter production line for the development of both inorganic and organic thin film photovoltaic modules in Hamburg at “The Future of Plastic and Thin Film Photovoltaics,” a conference recently held in Hamburg, Germany.

Spire, which is introducing its new thin film module production line to address needs of the expanding PV market, has been developing machines for the generation of thin-film materials. Spire’s thin film production line uses customer-supplied thin film plates. Spire equipment is used to laminate, frame, test, and add electrical junction box connections to the thin film modules. The production line can be fitted with automation options to meet customer requirements. One component of this new thin film production line is Spire’s Single-Long Pulse Simulator, which is used to test photovoltaic modules. Earlier this year, Spire introduced an enhanced feature option for Spire’s line of solar simulators that incorporates a very stable, single long-pulse (SLP) of light during which the entire I-V measurement is performed. This feature is key to testing thin film modules accurately. “Spire has provided the production equipment upon which the silicon-based solar industry has been built; now we offer tools for the next generation of photovoltaics,” said Little.
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