Spanish PV Facility Inaugurated

Spain’s largest solar power plant was officially inaugurated by officials from the state of Navarre, where the facility is located, and from the Spanish power company EHN, the owner of the project.

Tudela, Spain – January 28, 2003 [] The new 1.2 MW plant, which consists of 12,602 PV modules, represents a total investment of €10.85 million euros (US$11.74 million). Also present at the ceremonies unveiling the project were officials from the central government, which holds a 10 percent interest in the plant. The solar facility at Tudela uses 400 Sun Trackers that turn on a vertical axis to continuously point the PV modules at the sun. Average radiation on the site is 1,600 kWh per square meter per year, and estimated production is 2 million kWh per year. Two thirds of the facility (280 trackers) is dedicated to generating maximum possible energy. This area, which was connected to the grid in November 2001, includes 10,080 BP-585 PV modules manufactured by BP Solar. The rest of the facility was designed for experimental purposes. It contains 120 trackers with 2,522 modules. Nine manufacturers provided their products to this area of the project, showing off five different PV technologies: polycrystalline, monocrystalline, amorphous silicon, CIS thin film and triple junction technology. The manufacturers represented in this area, which was connected to the grid last summer, are: BP Solar, Isofotón, Atersa, Kyocera, Mastervolt, ASE, Siemens, Unisolar and EPV. The trackers used for the facility were supplied by Aesol and most of the inverters, which convert DC power into AC power, were provided by Ingeteam. The electricity generated at low voltage (380 VDC) is transformed at medium voltage (20,000 VAC) inside the plant and is then transmitted underground to an EHN substation located 2 kilometers away, from where the voltage is raised to 66 kV and the electricity sent to the national grid.
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