South Australia Solar Feed-in Tariff: Eligibility criteria and limitations

With the deadline for the 44c/kWh South Australian feed-in tariff fast approaching (deadline is 30 Sep 2010!), Solar Choice has been getting lots of questions about the particulars of eligibility requirements, and we’ve been making sure that the answers we’ve been giving are accurate. I have the SA Energy Advisory Hotline programmed into my mobile, and have been making good use of it.

Among the most important bits for people to keep in mind are that single-phase systems are limited to 10kW capacity as defined by the peak panel output, not peak inverter output! Previously there was apparently some confusion about this. The SA government may not actually need the 10kW capacity limit considering the fact that the daily output limit for 44c feed-in tariff eligibility for any system is 45kWh–an output not likely to be exceeded by a 10kW system except on the sunniest days of the year, for a solar array that is optimally oriented and tilted.

Read more about the SA feed-in tariff.

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