South Australia Introduces Feed-in Tariff

The government of South Australia has introduced a solar feed-in tariff. Achieved with a bipartisan support, the plan will run until at least 2028 and will allow small solar energy producers, including homes and small businesses, to sell excess zero-emission electricity for at least double the rate of fossil fuel electricity.

This program features a price of 44 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh). The Clean Energy Council, an Australian group promoting the clean energy sector, is working with all Australian governments to ensure a secure and diversified energy sector that includes the increasing contribution of clean energy sources such as solar PV.

“Solar is at its best when demand for electricity is at its highest – hot days when air conditioning is at its peak. Stationary energy is responsible for 50% of Australia’s emissions. Clean energy, like solar power, provides electricity where and when it’s needed and helps reduce our dangerous carbon emissions,” said Dominique La Fontaine, CEO of the Clean Energy Council.

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