Sopogy’s MicroCSP Solar Farm Breaks Ground in Hawaii

The world’s first solar farm to use micro concentrating solar power technology (microCSP) is breaking ground today, according to the microCSP manufacturer Sopogy. The Keahole Solar Power microCSP farm will be located on the Big Island at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii. The solar farm will be built in phases over several acres. In its entirety, the project can scale up to 1 megawatt (MW).

MicroCSP systems use reflectors and optics that harness the energy from the sun to create heat that passes through a turbine to produce electricity. The Sopogy MicroCSP solar collector system is a concentrating panel that was modeled after the installation of concentrating panels in the Mojave Desert in the mid 1980’s. These traditional panels at the Solar Energy Generating Station have been producing 354 MW of energy for over 2 decades.

“MicroCSP technologies combine the efficiencies of traditional Concentrated Solar Power collectors but incorporate new key elements that are required for operation in Hawaii. These elements include a stronger more durable frame that is able to withstand against storms and operating temperatures that enable Hawaii’s contractors to install and service the system,” said Darren T. Kimura the President and CEO of Sopogy.

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