Sono-Tek Launches New Selective Fluxing System for PV Manufacturing

Sono-Tek Corporation announced that the SelectaFlux SC ultrasonic selective fluxing system designed for fluxing solder bus lines in Silicon solar cell manufacturing has been released. Able to be retrofitted into all Tabber Stringer machines, the SelectaFlux SC system provides ultrasonically atomized flux lines for optimal solder connections, ensuring maximum solar cell efficiency and durability of solder joints.

The SelectaFlux SC features reduced overspray, resulting in a flux line with close to no satellite particles or excess flux beyond the solder bus, the company said. The ultrasonic nozzle has a self-cleaning design, it requires cleaning only 1-2 times per month, and compatibility with all fluxes.

Unlike pressure spraying or jetting technologies commonly used for solar cell fluxing, ultrasonic spray fluxing delivers a precise, thin layer of flux with controlled velocity only to precisely targeted areas. SelectaFlux can be configured with PLC control systems as well. Sono-Tek’s Alternative Energy division is expanding this product offering worldwide as solar cell technologies become more and more viable to countries around the globe, the company said.


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