Solon-Mover PV Tracking Systems

Ok, here’s a solar tracking system to drool over. Germany’s Solon AG, spurred on by the country’s generous solar policies, designed a double-axis solar photovoltaic (PV) tracking system called the Solon-Mover. Designed specifically for deployment in multi-MW solar power plants, the units automatically tilt and rotate during the day to directly face the sun at all times.

Each unit presents approximately 50 square meters of solar PV to the sky, equivalent to as much as 9.3 kW per unit. The control electronics continuously calculate the best angle of orientation for an optimal solar yield and the array of modules is adjusted to the optimal position in fixed time intervals. In this way more electricity is generated by the solar modules than in fixed plants. The dimensions of the pre-fabricated Solon Movers are designed for economical transport without special permits for public streets. The outer rows of the modules can be folded, thus allowing for the transport of two Movers on one truck. Movers are fully prefabricated in the factory and contain all the components necessary for operation upon delivery. Also, due to the continuous repositioning of the mover, there is neither danger of erosion to the soil beneath dripping edges or of the sort drying out underneath. The concrete mass used as foundations seal a maximum of 1.2 percent of the Mover surface area, thus plants can keep growing without being disturbed. On the green spaces between and underneath the Movers, sheep and wild animals can graze without being disturbed.
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