SolFocus Releases New SF-1100S CPV System

SolFocus announced the release of its latest Concentrating Photovoltaic (CPV) system solution, the SF-1100S-CPV-28. The company said that this new generation of its CPV technology achieves panel efficiencies of 25%.

SolFocus customer EMPE Solar will use the SF-1100S in its recently announced 10 megawatt utility-scale project. The project is the largest planned deployment of CPV technology in Europe.

“At SolFocus, we continue to drive up the innovation curve and down the cost curve by improving the performance of our CPV systems,” said Mark Crowley, president of SolFocus. “With the efficiency gains from the SF-1100S our customers benefit from clean, reliable energy with a small land footprint and low lifetime cost.”

SolFocus CPV solar panels are the only CPV technology listed by the California Energy Commission as qualified for California Solar Initiative (CSI) incentives. The panels are constructed primarily of aluminum and glass resulting in systems which are more than 95% recyclable. The SF-1100S system combines high-efficiency solar cells and advanced optics to provide energy solutions which are scalable, dependable and capable of delivering on the promise of low-cost, clean, renewable energy, the company said.

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