SolFocus & EMPE Solar Sign Deal for 10-MW Utility-Scale CPV Project

SolFocus announced the signing of a US $103 million agreement with EMPE Solar to install more than 10 megawatts (MW) of concentrating solar photovoltaics (CPV) projects at several sites across southern Spain by the end of 2010. The projects will be the largest deployments of CPV technology in Europe.

“CPV, with its high energy density and output, is an ideal solution for the Spanish market, providing more clean, reliable energy with a small land footprint and low lifetime cost,” said Gary Conley, CEO and chairman of SolFocus. “As we continue to drive down costs towards becoming competitive with fossil fuels, sophisticated partners like EMPE Solar will play a critical role in breaking new ground throughout the Mediterranean.”

The SolFocus-EMPE deal comes after SolFocus recently completed two utility-scale CPV projects for the Institute of Concentration Photovoltaic Systems (ISFOC) in Spain. Through the 3-MW ISFOC project, SolFocus demonstrated CPV’s ability to scale to aggressive energy production targets while showcasing the overall system reliability and efficiency.

Using mirrors and advanced reflective optics, SolFocus modules concentrate the sun’s rays 500 times onto a small high efficiency solar cell. SolFocus panels are integrated onto a sun-tracking system allowing the systems to produce energy throughout the day.

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