SolFocus Acquires Spanish Solar Tracker Co.

SolFocus, Inc., a manufacturer of concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) systems, announced yesterday it has acquired InSpira, S.L., a privately owned solar tracker company based in Madrid, Spain. InSpira will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of SolFocus and will continue to market products under its own name.

With established global supply chain management and low-cost manufacturing facilities, SolFocus will enable Inspira to drive down the cost of solar trackers.

“We believe this deal, which will provide high-accuracy trackers at a reasonable cost, will be a key element in enabling the anticipated growth of the solar industry,” said Ignacio Luque-Heredia, founder of InSpira.
With solar’s extensive growth into industrial and power-field applications, the importance of dependable, low-cost trackers that are available in high volumes is of great importance. Not only is tracking a key element in CPV systems, flat-plate tracking has also become widely recognized for providing dramatic increases in energy output—increasing yield by up to 40%.

Because the solar industry relies on trackers to maximize solar energy production, it is critical to ensure that the rapidly expanding industry has the cost structure and volume support it needs to become a mainstream source for providing electricity in the most reliable manner.
“As one of InSpira’s major customers, we have first-hand experience with its tracking technology,” said Gary D. Conley, SolFocus CEO. “SolFocus will provide the resources to move InSpira to low-cost, volume manufacturing with a strong emphasis on reliability to provide the best possible customer value.  From an industry standpoint, this move is a major step forward in reducing the cost of CPV and ultimately achieving grid parity for solar.”

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