SolarWorld case gathers momentum with addition of EU collaborators

As was the case in the US, it has now been reported that SolarWorld has formed a conglomerate with several European manufacturing companies to support its complaint against Chinese pv inverter  competitors to the European Commission. The German solar panel producer needs to provide 25% of EU c-Si PV production companies in 2011 for the complaint to be heard by the Commission, as well as provide evidence of injury.

“We want to submit an anti-subsidy and anti-dumping case in Europe as soon as possible,” Milan Nitzschke, a spokesman for Solarworld told Bloomberg. “Just as Robert Bosch’s chairman said recently, it is obvious that there is dumping from Chinese companies,” he said. “Everyone in the pv inverter industry knows it.”

Chairman Franz Fehrenbach from Robert Bosch has asked the government to reach a reasonable solar inverter solution without immediately raising trade barriers.

Jefferies recently released a statement to emphasise that, “The threshold for the evidence of injury is considered low. In terms of the preliminary decision, there are valid legal arguments on both sides of WTO law, but in the EU, preliminary action against dumping requires that it should not go against the public interest.”

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