SolarWorld Begins Industrial Silicon Production

A joint venture between SolarWorld Group and Evonik Industries AG has inaugurated its first production plant for the industrial scale production of solar-grade silicon. Joint Solar Silicon GmbH & Co. KG (JSSI), located in Rheinfelden, Germany uses an innovative process that could save up to 90% of the energy employed in conventional silicon production, the company says.

The new technology was developed by JSSI in cooperation with leading universities. The joint venture produces solar-grade silicon from monosilane starting its industrial production with an annual capacity of 850 tons. The total investment volume is in the range of a double digit million Euros. Evonik Industries holds 51% and SolarWorld 49% in the JSSI venture.

“The combination of efficiency and quality is of strategic importance in order to help solar power technology to penetrate the energy industry more and more. It is thanks to technological progress of this kind that in a few years time solar power from the roof will have become cheaper for households than electricity from the wall socket,” said Frank Asbeck, SolarWorld’s chairman and CEO.


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