Solarig Completes Grid Connection of 22-MW of Solar PV in Spain

Solarig, a Spanish solar photovoltaic (PV) power producer announced that it has successfully completed its first development stage by connecting all of its PV projects that were scheduled for 2008 to the grid under the current Spanish feed in tariff.

These plants total 22 megawatts (MW) of power capacity and represent an investment of €132 million [US $187.57 million]. The company has used different PV technologies for its various sites. These include Cadmium Telluride thin-film modules, 3rd generation CPV systems (concentrators with double axis trackers) with Fresnel lenses, triple junction high efficiency cells and monocrystalline modules with double axis solar trackers.
Additionally, the company said that it has started to develop BIPV projects to integrate PV systems in roofs and façades of shopping centres, industrial warehouses and other types of buildings. According to the company, this new business area will introduce Solarig in the BIPV subsector where the company is taking a position among national and international competitors.

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