Solaria Ships New PV Modules for Utility Projects

Solaria Corporation has started shipping its crystalline photovoltaic (PV) solar module to customers in North America, Europe and Asia.

Solaria uses only proven, UL-listed materials that are standard in the PV industry, thereby eliminating risks associated with new materials. The Solaria modules are specifically optimized for tracking systems, which increase energy harvest by 20-30 percent, with the greatest increase in electricity output coinciding with times of peak demand.
“We’ve been testing Solaria’s new modules at our multi-megawatt facility in California,” said Eric Hafter, chief strategy officer for Solar Power Inc. “The modules have been yielding excellent performance; Solaria’s high efficiency modules offer industry leading costs with the reliability and performance of traditional crystalline solar modules. Since Solaria’s modules are built to industry standards, they’re ready to install on standard trackers using conventional installation methods.”

The Solaria module, available in 230 watts, 220 watts and 210 watts, is the first low-concentration flat-plate module to achieve international certification. Solaria’s module is certified to UL1703 and IEC61215 standards, and its performance and reliability has been validated by independent laboratories.

In addition, according to Columbia University’s Center for Lifecycle Analysis, the carbon footprint per watt of modules manufactured with Solaria’s technology is approximately one third less than that of competing technologies, and have an “energy payback” of less than one year.

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